What an amazing year this has been, my friends! I’ve had the opportunity to film overseas in the Philippines for a month on the National Geographic series, ‘Locked Up Abroad’, which will air on the Nat Geo channel sometime in August. You can check out my personal YouTube Channel for my video blog on that AMAZING experience by clicking here! MAJOR love to my Filipino cast and crew, AND UK production team on that one! You guys are now officially NV family ;)

Let’s seeee… I’ve also co-starred on the new hit USA series, Necessary Roughness, as well as guest starred on the Army Wives season finale (as new wife, Ashley), and on the new VH1 series, Single Ladies.

I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming weeks, as I will be attending this summer’s AMTC convention as a guest star as well.

As always, I’m so very thankful for all the positive vibes you guys send my way :)

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Much Love,
Noree V.

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  • Morgan says...

    I just saw the episode of Lock Up Abroad. You did a marvelous job! Congrats and keep up the hard work.

  • Bobby says...

    Locked up abroad or to give it it’s UK title “Banged up Abroad” was on the telly today. What an amazing story! Thought your acting was exceptional .

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