It’s been a minute, hasn’t it, my friends?

With the end of 2010 drawing near, I must say it’s been an amazing year — and not yet over! I’m currently on tour with the Georgia Lottery’s All-Access Music search, hosting all their live events and listening parties, as part of the “GL Entourage”. We’ll be on the road a lot until January, and then we’ll be shooting a live one-hour special that’ll showcase all the events. Rumor has it, that we’ll even be hosting the Atlanta Falcon’s half-time show at the Georgia Dome on November 28th ;) (Click to watch me chat with the judges & get the scoop on the “Star Spangled Banner”)

Outside of that, Quarantine II is all wrapped up and in editing — major shout outs to John Pogue and Sony Screen Gems! I also recently shot a pilot directed by Tommy Ford of “Martin”/”Harlem Nights”, called ‘Boulevard West’, and he was an absolute DELIGHT to work with! Aaaaaaand, I went outside of the box to make a principal appearance in Raheem Davaughn’s soon-to-be-released “B.O.B.” video, directed by my long-time friend, Chris “Broadway” Romero. Had to show some love to the DMV (my hometown!) and the artistic gems (like Raheem) within!

Until next time…

Noree V.