Hello friends,

Another amazing year is underway, and I’m extraordinarily grateful!

Tune in to watch Simone’s return to this season of The Rickey Smiley Show — New episodes begin airing on Friday, July 26th at 9/8C on TV One! Your support this season is GREATLY appreciated :)

Love Always,

Noree V.

Hello again, friends. I pray all is well with you good people out there! Things are amazing on this end of the rainbow, and words cannot express how incredibly grateful I feel in this moment.

I just wrapped up shooting my first season as a series regular on “The Rickey Smiley Show” sitcom, which will air beginning September 18th, 9/8c on TV One. Our hilarious cast includes Rickey Smiley himself, J. Anthony Brown, Ray J, and many surprise guest-stars. I play Simone, Rickey Smiley’s manager on the show, and the experience working with those guys has been absolutely AMAZING! So please tune into TV One in August to help make our show an even bigger success!

Much love to Roger Bobb of BobbCat Films for making so many dreams come true :)

Outside of that, my episodes of MTV’s Teen Wolf are also currently airing, along with the season finale of The Game. And be on the look-out for another project that I completed earlier this year to debut on the Hallmark Channel — movie of the week, “Common Law”.

That’s all for now.

Much Love,
Noree V.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Family, friends, colleagues, peers, agents, manager – for another amazing year! It’s been incredible and I couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s do it AGAIN in 2012 :)

(Keep an eye out for me in the upcoming seasons of The Game and Teen Wolf!)

Much Love,
Noree V.

What an amazing year this has been, my friends! I’ve had the opportunity to film overseas in the Philippines for a month on the National Geographic series, ‘Locked Up Abroad’, which will air on the Nat Geo channel sometime in August. You can check out my personal YouTube Channel for my video blog on that AMAZING experience by clicking here! MAJOR love to my Filipino cast and crew, AND UK production team on that one! You guys are now officially NV family ;)

Let’s seeee… I’ve also co-starred on the new hit USA series, Necessary Roughness, as well as guest starred on the Army Wives season finale (as new wife, Ashley), and on the new VH1 series, Single Ladies.

I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming weeks, as I will be attending this summer’s AMTC convention as a guest star as well.

As always, I’m so very thankful for all the positive vibes you guys send my way :)

Feel free to follow me on twitter –> @NoreeVictoria

Much Love,
Noree V.

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it, my friends?

With the end of 2010 drawing near, I must say it’s been an amazing year — and not yet over! I’m currently on tour with the Georgia Lottery’s All-Access Music search, hosting all their live events and listening parties, as part of the “GL Entourage”. We’ll be on the road a lot until January, and then we’ll be shooting a live one-hour special that’ll showcase all the events. Rumor has it, that we’ll even be hosting the Atlanta Falcon’s half-time show at the Georgia Dome on November 28th ;) (Click to watch me chat with the judges & get the scoop on the “Star Spangled Banner”)

Outside of that, Quarantine II is all wrapped up and in editing — major shout outs to John Pogue and Sony Screen Gems! I also recently shot a pilot directed by Tommy Ford of “Martin”/”Harlem Nights”, called ‘Boulevard West’, and he was an absolute DELIGHT to work with! Aaaaaaand, I went outside of the box to make a principal appearance in Raheem Davaughn’s soon-to-be-released “B.O.B.” video, directed by my long-time friend, Chris “Broadway” Romero. Had to show some love to the DMV (my hometown!) and the artistic gems (like Raheem) within!

Until next time…

Noree V.

Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that all is well! I’ve been working extremely hard these last few months  improving upon a received pronunciation British accent, training with a 3rd degree South Korean black belt for a choreographed fight scene featured in an upcoming Supremacy Films commercial, and heavy into character development for my first lead role in a SAG feature film (Quarantine II, shooting June 14th – July 13th). I’m very excited, thankful, and am looking forward to working with writer and director, John  Pogue. Just taking it all in, my friends. Just taking it all in.

I also recently recorded my first animated voice-over for the Autumn movie trailer thanks to “Directress” Crystle Clear, of Symmetry Entertainment. Incredible fun, playing an 8-yr old West African girl! I also shot a national commercial for a make-up line in April that’ll air on Lifetime TV; and in May, I shot an international print ad campaign. Hair products.

Sacrifice is a beautiful thing.

Taking nothing for granted– especially not you all, reading this page right now. Until next time…

Noree V.

Well my friends, its finally here! Many of you have been with me throughout my career, riding right alongside me from MySpace, to Facebook, to Twitter and now to NoreeVictoria.com. Having you all here means the world to me, whether youre an old friend or just joining me. So sit back and stay a while, mi casa es su casa! And be sure to check back periodically for updates on my upcoming projects and events, as well as an occasional peek inside the random philosophies and opinions of a girl in love with life, and the arts.

Noree V.

An Open Letter to the Grinding Artist…

This past weekend, I attended a phenomenal workshop with two local casting directors – one of whom opened with this statement: Actors are some of the laziest people in this world. They routinely just don’t do their homework Except for the good ones.

And from that moment on, he had my undivided attention. He went on to ask how many of us had ever ridden the subways of New York, and if we have, wed know that a train comes approximately every 30 seconds, unlike in smaller cities where train arrivals are spaced at longer intervals. So if you happen to be talking or dawdling, no worries, the next one is coming right up. However, he said, there are people that will run you OVER to get inside of that train before the door closes, knowing full well that another one is arriving in the next 30 seconds.

Anything less than that level of drive and commitment to your career, is unacceptable, he said. And while I have always been inclined to agree, its always a good kick in the pants whenever you are reminded.

What we do is difficult. Its competitive. No is the answer to 99% of our questions. Rejection is the norm. So given that the path is already strewn with obstacles before we even begin, we do ourselves a great disservice when we create our own. Embracing laziness. Accepting defeat. Pursuing your craft without passion. Letting the opinions of others eat away at who you are And adding insult to injury, are those that mull along at their own pace on subway platforms, gawking at the person running as if they were a madman.

I say, let them gawk. Not everyone wants to take the journey with you, or even understands it. You cant please everyone, nor should you want to. There will be those who don’t understand your drive or passion, and its not your job to make them. Just be awesome at what you do. Do your homework. Study. Train. Pursue opportunities, and leap through open doors.

And if those doors just happen to keep closing on you, or worst yet, when there are those that intentionally step into your path. Remain upright and limber on your feet and never stop running for that next 30-second train.

Noree V.’

Hey all! I’m back from Orlando, and AMTC was AMAZING! It was hard work and absolutely exhausting, but it panned out better than I’d ever imagined. For 6 days straight, about 540 contestants hand-picked from auditions all over the world, rehearsed and performed in various competitions for a panel of more than 50 casting directors, agents, managers, and talent scouts. I performed in the monologue, scene read, television commercial, photography, cold read, and creative runway competitions… And at the end of the week, came “judgment day” (lol)… If any of the panel VIP’s were interested in meeting with you after seeing your performances, you received an envelope with your requested callbacks. And believe me, they were a tough panel – industry folks that sometimes only recruit from the “League Schools”, or not at all. Some contestants received no callbacks, some received a few. You also found out if any of your performances made it into the “Top 40″ talent showcase, and then there was an awards banquet to wrap everything up.

I’m so very pleased to not only have made it into the “TV Top 40″ Showcase with my television commercial, but I’m also honored to have won Best Overall Actress in my category and received 13 callbacks. One of the callbacks was from the New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts, whose representative requested that I perform two monologues for her, and proceeded to inform me that I had been the best performance she’d seen all day. She then surprised me with a partial scholarship to attend the New York Conservatory’s “Summer in the City” program this July! Another one of my callbacks was from a casting director who said he thought I’d be perfect for a very popular dramatic series he’s currently casting, and I’m really excited about making that contact… I’m really excited and humbly grateful for it all. It’s just a crazy feeling to be plotting every way to get into these folk’s offices one week, and then having your phone jumping off the hook the next… Now comes the decision making process – because I have interested casting directors, managers, and agents in L.A., New York, Nashville, Orlando, and Atlanta. Truly blessed. That’s all I can chalk it up to.

And I’m soo SO proud of everyone that went and competed, and who showed the COURAGE to get up on those stages and act, dance, sing, improv, and model!!  You all are truly special and deserve all the good that comes your way for all your hard work! It’s been great meeting all of you, and do stay in touch, even if it takes me a little time to tag ya back!


They say, “Reach for the moon, and if you miss, at least you’ll be among the stars”… I say, reach for the sun, moon, AND stars… and if you miss the first time, REACH AGAIN! AND AGAIN… I want everybody reading this to follow their dreams, and their hearts, no matter how old you are, how broke you are, no matter what physical or emotional condition you perceive yourself to be in… because anything upon anything is possible!

Noree V.

(Link to Article on allhiphop.com: http://allhiphop.com/stories/lifestylefilm/archive/2008/04/18/19679971.aspx)

Can we get real for a minute?

It’s a fact that no one ever notices a star (the ones in the sky) until it’s shining above our heads at night. We don’t get to witness the time period where it exists as nothing more than a shapeless cloud of celestial matter, often, for gazillions of years.

We’re never privy to the cataclysmic process of imploding gases and violent collisions that go into making that brilliance that lights up our nights – that grinding struggle that determines whether or not that cloud of gas will eventually glow with the intensity of the star that led some of my ancestors to freedom, or if it will simply fall into the background, flickering with unimpressive dullness to us here on earth.

And the same goes for film and television stars, or really, anyone in the creative arts or entertainment industries. The process of becoming luminous, if you will, is not at all as glamorous as the life the public is exposed to once the hardest struggle is over.

Just like the gases in our atmosphere that get kicked around until they eventually have the breakthrough that jump-starts the process of stardom (their big break), the majority of the big names we see on our screens everyday have been through the gamut of hunger, evictions, homelessness, no transportation, no clothes, mental breakdowns when continual efforts equate to doors being slammed in your face, physical illnesses or injuries without the luxury of health insurance, and the list goes on.

And many times, we starving artists are just not able to, or just don’t feel that we can, ask for the help we need when times get tough for us, because most of our support system of family and friends think were completely nuts anyway for taking the risks and paths we’ve chosen, when in their eyes we could simply just end all the suffering and “get a real job”.

But what many don’t understand is that what most may view as an option for us is really a life-sustaining necessity. If you took our ability to pursue our creative passions away from us, in exchange for a pedestrian desk job until we could retire quietly with a gold watch, then wed literally waste away and die inside – one of those slow and painful mental deaths of coulda, woulda, shouldas, and what-ifs.

I know all of my entrepreneurs and creative people out there feel me on this one.

Like I mentioned before, even after all of the demons we battle to gain recognition and appreciation for whatever it is that we do, some of us still remain in the background of the North Stars, barely visible in the dark skies. In reality, there’s only but so much room for single billing in a film, only one number one at the top of the charts  but make no mistake, that doesn’t make their struggle any less relevant or any less noble than those who no longer have to fight that particular fight.

It makes their accomplishments no less grand, which is exactly why I give much respect due to those in the background with the tiny roles, the one-liners, the DJ peddling his mix-tapes (when I’m not broke Ill always buy one from you!), the Hip-Hopper whose performance everyone yaps through as they wait impatiently for the main event, the artist painting on the street corner, the designer asking you to take a look at his t-shirts.

Yes, this article is for you. Keep grinding, keep pushing, keep doing what you do. Many have no idea what it takes to just get to the point of even being able to exist, and create.

Before we even knew who Halle Barry was, she lived in a homeless shelter. Tyler Perry, Charlie Chaplin, Ella Fitzgerald, Kelsey Grammer, singer Jewel, Eartha Kitt, David Letterman, Joan Rivers, Tupac, Colonel Sanders all of them, once homeless.

Imagine if all these folks had given up living in their cars, in bus terminals, and in shelters, and had gone back to civilization with everybody else now imagine the opposite for yourself.

Noree V.